Museum Top Ten 2007 News Story—Both Enquirer Papers

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Both the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Kentucky Enquirer newspapers have listed the Creation Museum’s opening as a top ten news item for 2007. Our Chief Communications Officer, Mark Looy, reports:

On the front page of the Kentucky Enquirer Monday (December 31), a photo of Ken (leading a small group of museum visitors) by the Utahraptor is shown. The brief article tells readers to go to section B for the listing (where we are the #2 on the list). The paper states: ‘CREATION MUSEUM CREATED . . . Ken Ham built it and now they come. The controversial Creation Museum opened in May. The Petersburg, Ky., museum teaches that God created Earth in six days, the planet is 6,000 years old and dinosaurs traveled on Noah's Ark.’

The link below, though, directs you to the sister paper of the Kentucky Enquirer located across the river, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and its list—where we are placed further down. But this is significant, because these stories are mostly about Ohio events—and the Creation Museum is in Northern Kentucky.


It’s interesting once again to see the secular world recognizing the opening of the Creation Museum as a significant event.

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