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As we start this new exciting year and look forward to so many new opportunities to proclaim the vital creation/gospel message, I thought it would be good to remind you what AiG is here to do. And also to introduce our 2008 theme: “Impacting the culture, one life at a time.”

AiG's thrust is to uphold the authority of God’s Word as we not only provide answers to the questions of skeptics, but also preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and see people won to the Lord. We recognize that the very Christian culture we once had in America (and the once-Christianized culture of the West in general) has become increasingly secularized.

As generations of people began to reject God’s Word as reliable and authoritative, they began to consistently build a secular worldview based on moral relativism.

Later this month on this website, I will be writing a lead article about our 2008 theme. As a preview, let me for the moment say that as secular humanists have moved into positions of influence in education, the government and judiciary; their worldview has influenced how laws are passed, school curricula are established, etc.

In this era of history, the most-attacked part of the Bible’s history is Genesis chapters 1–11. When people understand that they can trust the history in the early chapters of Genesis, they can trust and better understand (and be more responsive to) the gospel—the gospel that is based in that Genesis history.

And as you will read about throughout this year on this blog and other places, we will point out that AiG’s aim is not to change the culture. But as one life at a time is changed through God using His Word, Christians can have an impact on the culture for the glory of God.

Finally, I want to encourage you to read about the 14-year history of AiG, and see how God has blessed this ministry as we are now entering the 15th year of ministry. I hope you’ll be encouraged as you go to:

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