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Museum Continues to Be in the News

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In a recent blog, I told of the secular world showing more interest in the Creation Museum than much of the Christian world (in regard to organizations, leadership, etc). Here is another news story from our local Kentucky Post newspaper which listed what they saw as major news events of the year and included the Creation Museum opening. The article states:

“Some 4,000 people, including news crews from Switzerland and Russia, attended the May opening of the $27 million Creation Museum in Boone County, which has exhibits to illustrate Answers in Genesis’ contention that God created the universe in six days about 6,000 years ago. Some 200 protesters scoffed at the museum’s premise.

“Already, however, museum officials are seeking approval of a $500,000 expansion.”

You can read the entire article at:

[The article is no longer available.]


I was reminded of 2 Peter 3 concerning those who scoff at creation and the Flood when I saw this excerpt from an Australian Broadcasting Network TV show—it is one of Australia’s God-mocking comedians:

When they mock like this at the Creation Museum, we need to understand they are really mocking the God who created them and who provided a Redeemer for them. They may mock now, but one day each one of these people will die and stand before their maker. As someone once said to me, “Death levels the playing field.” Also, Scripture tells us that each one of these people will one day bow the knee before their Creator. We need to pray for them.


AiG staff reach out to our supporters when given any opportunity to do so. I often hear testimonies from various staff about them praying with supporters on the phone etc. Here is feedback from one supporter regarding such a situation:

“Early this year one of your volunteers called to thank us for our recent donation. He asked if there were any prayer concerns. Only God knew my heart that day. We were struggling with some painful family issues. Your volunteer, by being there and asking, offered encouragement and prayer during a very difficult trial. I had actually asked God to send me help, and you called me. Your ministry is the only one to ever call and ask about our needs. God Bless you this coming year!”
On a personal note, Mally and I just celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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