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The biblical creation ministry is growing around the world. We are seeing more and more people from the U.S. and other countries around the world asking how they can build a creation museum or mini museum of creation in their area. More on-fire creationists are asking their churches to run creation programs and use AiG curricula etc. Recently, I received an item from an AiG supporter about what has been done in their church to bring the biblical creation message to prominence.

Supporter Celtie writes:

“The knowledge that our Lord spoke everything into existence around 6,000 years ago is claimed by God from the very first verse in His Holy Bible, so obviously the origins issue is important to God and must be important to His people. Most of America’s media and schools today propagate lies about evolution, which automatically rejects God’s creation account. No wonder there is an open, aggressive push to eliminate God from the public domain—people only know about evidence that leads to the conclusion that God is not real. Therefore, it is essential that every church have creation science materials for the purpose of educating God’s people about the truth.“Our church not only has library shelves devoted to creation science books and videos for children, high schoolers, and adults, it also has a special ‘Creation Science’ corner in the bookstore (see photograph). This corner proudly displays information and material on the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY; creation magazines (with subscription information); and free books and booklets all written for laymen . . . to satisfy our church’s most serious creation students and scientists.

“Each and every Christian should know at least some of the abundant scientific evidence for God’s creative work and the real age of the earth, as well as evidence against evolution. Knowledge of creation will help God’s people reach out to their lost friends and neighbors and could slow down America’s movement against God.”


Maybe you could think about what you could do in your church?

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