Evolution Evangelist Visits Creation Museum

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The major Louisville, Kentucky, newspaper Courier-Journal has reported on a visit to the Creation Museum by Rev. Michael Dowd—an “evolutionary evangelist.”

The article (and excuse some of the crude language we quote) begins: “They call themselves ‘evolutionary evangelists’—an ordained minister and a science writer who travel full time to proclaim the ‘kick-butt good news’ of evolution. They travel in a van decorated with a symbol of their gospel: The popular image of the Jesus fish kissing a bumper-sticker parody of that image—a Darwin fish sprouting feet.”

The Rev Dowd has a book entitled Thank God for Evolution.

AiG welcomed Rev. Dowd and his wife and a Courier-Journal reporter to the Creation Museum and granted interviews (e.g., with AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom—see full article to read what Georgia said). All were extremely courteous, and even though Rev. Dowd and his wife totally disagreed with the message of the museum, they were very complimentary about the museum itself.

To me it was also pleasing to see how the reporter who wrote this article correctly represented the main message of the museum. He states in the article:

“The museum offers a story that fires the imagination of children, with lifelike models of dinosaurs that move and roar.“But it also conveys fundamental messages: that humans have dignity because they are made in the image of God; that Adam and Eve’s sin brought suffering and death into the world; and that salvation comes only through Jesus.”
The above statement is refreshing in the light of the recent article in the New York Times where the contributing writer totally misrepresented the message of the museum.

To me, one of the saddest parts of the Courier-Journal article concerned how the Rev. Dowd was convinced to believe in evolution—and the testimony given here reflects one of the biggest problems in the church today—compromise that destroys:

“Dowd himself once embraced creationism. When he was attending Evangel College, a conservative Pentecostal school in Missouri, he said, he was convinced the devil had infiltrated the school because professors taught about evolution. That changed as he was convinced by conservative Christians who accepted evolution under the rubric that ‘all truth is God’s truth.’”
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