Creation Museum Promoted in Moldova

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Last week Pastor Alexandru Sanduleac came to the USA to meet with Dr. Crandall about a possible partnership with AiG WorldWide in Moldova (near Romania). While here he spent several hours at the Creation Museum and took hundreds of pictures of the displays and each of the signs. I wrote a special blog about this visit. I thought you would be interested in this update concerning Pastor Sanduleac:

He arrived back home, in Moldova, on our Thanksgiving Day, and by Sunday he had already made presentations of AiG and the museum in four Moldovan churches.

He sent the following email:

“I had the joy of presenting AiG at four churches already, and everybody was so inspired and blessed.”
He has invited Dr. Crandall to come to his church in Moldova to represent AiG WorldWide and minister in his church and the 21 additional churches he has started. During this proposed visit, ministry leaders from throughout Moldova would meet to discuss future AiG ministries in that country.

The Republic of Moldova is an independent state in eastern Europe, located between Ukraine and Romania. The 4.5 million populations is basically Orthodox-Christian; however, the evangelical churches are very small in number. Chisinau is the capital of the country, and it is the largest city with 700,000 people. The economy centers on agriculture and industry; however, without a seaport, the country’s economy is quite weak.

We praise the Lord for the way the Creation Museum is being made known around the world.

Following on from my recent blog about the New York Times article on creationist geology, I submitted a letter to the editor of the New York Times in an attempt to correct their outlandish statement that the Museum teaches believing in a young earth is the only way to salvation!!!

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