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On this Thanksgiving Day here in America, we are certainly reminded to be thankful for all the Lord has blessed us with--including the trials of life. In this ministry, we receive our share of negative emails, but we also receive an overwhelming number that say “thank you.” Here is one that came in this week:

Georgia Purdom! what a great addition to your staff! I love her well thought out and direct thoughts on the origins controversy. I believe in being polite as much as the next person but there are times when we just need to put the truth out there like Christ himself did. Remember, there were times when they tried to stone him. If he had been polite he probably could have avoided such situations. He came to divide, not to unite, at least on the basic issue of what we believe and Georgia certainly does that as well. In short, she responds much like I do when evolutionist nonsense is being passed off as truth. Thank you Lord for all the staff you have brought to AiG.


Last weekend, Australia's national weekend newspaper had a major story on the Creation Museum in the magazine that comes with the newspaper (similar to Parade magazine in Sunday newspapers in the USA). We praise the Lord that the secular press are advertising the Museum around the world.

Yesterday, I had a call from a Christian magazine in Australia. They conducted an extensive interview with me for a feature article they are preparing on the Creation Museum. Also yesterday, Mark Looy and I were interviewed by American Family Radio, and we talked with the editor of a youth magazine who wants to use AiG articles in his magazine to reach young people.

Thank you Lord for all the press coverage you allow AiG and the Creation Museum to have.

HEARTFELT THANKS From a pastor to one of AiG's leadership team:

This is a heartfelt thanks to you and the leadership of the Museum and all your staff for a thoroughly excellent day spent today by my family. We are very grateful for the gift of your time and the outstanding facility you have created. Thank you for honoring the Lord and His Word with this tremendous testament of faith and creativity! I have many materials to read and digest and really look forward to the privilege of preaching through Genesis in 2009. This will be my first time preaching through chapters 1 to 11...I am really excited to tackle the issues with my congregation! I am sure we will have many more visitors to CM in the months ahead!

Thank you Lord for the phenomenal outreach of the Creation Museum and the way you bless the message and enable it to spread further.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying

I trust those of you reading this blog in America will have a blessed Thankgiving today.


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