Museum Hits 250,000!

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On Friday, the Creation Museum total attendance since opening week reached over 250,000. This was reached in just over 5 months! The prediction given to the media was 250,000 for the first year! We praise the Lord for this. I still remember the mocking of certain people in the secular world that the Museum would fail as people would not be interested—and some in the Christian world who said it would be a white elephant!

Full House in Saipan

The auditorium filled last night for the first two (of six) sessions we are videoing as they are translated into Chinese. My translator is only 18 years old—but he is excellent. After the two sessions last night I had some thrilling and very touching comments:

  1. A Chinese pastor said, “When I heard you tonight and saw the cameras, I am so happy that I will be able to get these videos to my non Christian parents and relatives in China.”
  2. A young Japanese girl pleaded with me to come and give these messages at her church in Japan (in Tokyo). Actually we are going to do something similar in Japan as we are doing in Saipan (we are also doing this in India as well).
  3. Another Chinese man told me that these messages are just what they need in China. He said evolution is taught as fact and no one is allowed any other view. He said when he was in school if anyone questioned evolution they would not get good marks in their test.

At the end, a number of Chinese pastors lined up to have their photographs taken with me.

I have included two photographs taken last night. I did not include photographs of the attendees to protect the identities of those present. I have also included a photograph of Mally and me on the beach here in Saipan.

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