I’m Proud to be an Ape

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Would you want your child to be in a University class lectured by an ape? Would you want your child to be taught to have the morality of an Ape?

Well—at Miami University in Ohio, you can have just that. And I’m not being facetious—I’m being serious.

Yesterday morning from 9 a.m.–10 a.m., Dr. Georgia Purdom and I were interviewed along with Dr. Nicholas Money from Miami University (Ohio) on the University NPR* radio station. The subject was the Creation Museum. At one stage, Dr. Money said, “I’m proud to be an Ape.” Now, if you don’t believe he would say such a thing—then listen to this excerpt from the actual radio interview—he actually emphasized that he was an ape.

At one stage, he also asked, why was it so bad to teach children they are just an ape—just animals. Now, keep in mind, that in the early part of the interview he said that the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is abusive towards children, because he said we were teaching error. I told him that we were teaching children they were special, made in the image of God, and that Jesus died for them and they could spend eternity with their Creator. I said to Dr. Money that he said children were just apes—just animals—therefore, there was no purpose and meaning in life—therefore, he was the one being abusive to children!

At the end of the program, the interviewer asked us to sum up what our basic message was. I said something like: “To tell people that they are sinners, that the Son of God stepped into history to die on a cross, to be raised from the dead, and offers a free gift of salvation so we can spend eternity with our Creator.” Dr. Money said something like: “You can have a fulfilling life as a scientist.” Dr. Money recently gave a lecture at Miami University against the Creation Museum. The topic of his lecture was: “Answers in Genesis: Reason’s Assassins & Why Darwin is your Savior.”

Well Dr. Money—Darwin presented a message of death—death has always been here, and when you die, that is the end of you—you are just an animal, or as Dr. Money said, “I’m proud to be an ape.” However, Answers in Genesis presents a message of life—you will live for eternity either with your Creator or separated from your Creator—and praise the Lord, our Creator paid for and offers us a free gift of salvation to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the real Savior—a risen Christ!

During the program, I asked Dr. Money how he determined right and wrong—morality—if he was just an ape. He started talking about torture and how humans view that, etc. I brought up Hitler and said that he believed torture was ok, and if he was an animal, then why not?

Dr. Purdom answered a number of questions about genetics and other aspects of the creation/evolution issue.

It was an interesting hour.


Yesterday, one of our supporters brought a man from New Jersey to my office to meet me. This man’s wife passed away two months ago—and one of her dying wishes was for her husband to visit the Creation Museum and meet Ken Ham! He was so thrilled to meet me. He said he and his wife were charter members of the museum—and they both so wanted to come and visit—but his wife became too ill. Even in her serious illness, she really tried to work a way to come to the museum—but was not able, so she said to her husband, “When I’m promoted to glory, I want you to go and visit the Creation Museum and meet Ken Ham.”

I gave a lecture to a packed theater of museum visitors yesterday—and will do the same today. We are introducing a lot more teaching programs into the Museum. Five thousand to ten thousand people per week visit the Creation Museum—we can reach more people a week at the museum, than all our speakers can out in the field.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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*NPR=National Public Radio

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