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For today’s blog, I thought it would be good to share one of the testimonies AiG popular speaker Carl Kerby received after he spoke recently. I love this person’s statements: “I’ve never been so excited about my faith” and “If someone tries to convince me that the Bible isn't true, they’re in for a whopper of a battle.” I want you to be encouraged by the testimonies we receive:

“The Lord is doing amazing things with you! You have certainly givin’ me a kick exactly where I needed it. I’ve never been so excited about my faith. I believe in the back of my mind I really did believe that the Word of God wasn’t true, and the Lord has used you and AiG very effectively in convincing me otherwise, and I thank God everyday for what you have done for me, and are continuing to do with other folks. I can tell you this, if someone tries to convince me that the Bible isn't true, they're in for a whopper of a battle.

“I could probably talk your ear off, but I’m not going to, I know you’re a busy man. Nonetheless I want to tell you that I throughly enjoyed your Racism, Bottom Strip, Best Evidence, and Enjoy the Ride videos, they are soooooo good. AiG is the biggest threat I’ve seen to the culture thus far, and I love it, I love it. Thank you for convincing and equipping me to defend and share my faith. Keep on fighting the good fight!”

You can book Carl as a speaker to motivate your church/area through the AiG website.

Please pray for all of AiG’s speakers as they travel and reach thousands of people each with the creation/gospel/biblical authority message.


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