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While I was signing books in the Creation Museum bookstore on Tuesday, and a lady introduced me to two friends she brought to the Creation Museum. One of her friends told me that the Creation Museum made the Bible so REAL for her. She said it is one thing to read the Bible, but the museum made a big impact on her life helping her to understand that the events in the Bible actually happened-they came alive!

The other young lady was from China. She told me her English wasn’t that good (but her English was much better than my Chinese!). This Chinese lady told me she was a very baby Christian. She said to me, “After going through the entire Creation Museum, I don’t feel like I’m a baby Christian anymore—I feel like I’m a teenage Christian because I have learned so much!” I thought that was a great quote. She was just beaming.


A home-schooling family wanted to come to the Creation Museum—but they needed dollars to do it. So, this innovative family set out to raise the money they needed—and one of their efforts—a Car Wash—made the local newspaper. You will enjoy this (also see the attached photographs):

“Last year when I heard the Creation Museum would be opening in May 2007. I thought ‘What a wonderful home school trip for our bunch.’ So, I put forth the idea to the rest of the family and they readily agreed, ‘Let’s go!’ However, our enthusiasm needed funding, for we are a group of 14 people! Our family consists of my husband and I, my daughter, her husband, their three girls (ages 8 to 19months), and my son, his wife, their five boys (ages 10 to 1 year). We realized we would have to do some fundraisers if we were going to make this trip happen. In addition, most importantly to me, was to keep the children as involved as possible.

“My son and daughter-in-law decided to make and sell wooden shields and swords they designed. The swords are made of mahogany and oak. The shields are made of fir. My daughter draws the design, which is a crown of thorns. If the customer wants the child’s name on the shield, they do that also. They have sold quite well, so that was encouraging. Secondly, we decided to have a carwash. This was my daughter’s idea and our ‘friendly neighborhood’ Wal-Mart gave us the opportunity. Remember, our kidlets are 10 years old and under, so we were a little hesitant, but they really did a great job, even when a huge tire truck pulled up to be washed! The adults were a bit stunned by the size of the truck, but the kidlets jumped right into the task. It was a fun time and we handed out a ‘thank you’ to each customer with your website attached to a message about Our Lord Jesus. We made 200 dollars in 4 hours!

“Our third project was a garage sale. When fellow co-workers of the ‘men folk’ heard what we were doing they generously donated to our cause. This made the garage sale a great success. HOWEVER, the best accolade given to our efforts came when a reporter from the Post Bulletin in Rochester, Mn. Stopped at our garage sale to take a picture of the girls. This was an extremely unusual thing; we live over 35 miles from Rochester and the odds of a reporter finding a garage sale to be a human-interest story, especially in tiny Spring Valley, is quite rare (see photograph). She was curious about the reason for our sale, which was odd. I mean; a garage sale is just a garage sale after all. Nevertheless, my daughter was able, once again, to tell about the Creation Museum so it could be read by an extensive area.

“After the picture was published, I said to my daughter, ‘You know, I have to send this to Ken Ham. What are the odds of this happening, anyhow?’ It was a real blessing to us, because it was as if the Lord's stamp of approval was on our trip. So, I am sending the picture from the Post Bulletin, which features my granddaughter Xena. I also decided to include the other valiant efforts our kidlets have made to our mission. They have learned a great deal and they are very excited for the trip. Can you tell I am a proud Grammie?”

scan142-october-17-2007-washing-car.jpg scan143-october-17-2007-car-wash.jpg scan144-october-17-2007-yard-sale.jpg

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