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The very popular Answers magazine continues to grow. This is the world’s leading creation/worldview apologetics magazine. Everyday at the Creation Museum people subscribe to the magazine—at every conference many subscribe—subscriptions continue to grow worldwide. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then I encourage you not to miss out. Each issues is themed—and the next issue (in production right now) concentrates on ASTRONOMY! Don’t miss out—subscribe now and get the current issue as your first one—it deals with biblical authority and the need for a new Reformation. Of course, each issue also has unique creation apologetics articles from varied areas (geology, biology, anthropology, astronomy, etc.).


On the lighter days during the week, we are introducing more and more teaching programs (lectures/workshops etc)—and they are proving to be very popular. On Tuesday I gave two presentations. I have included photographs of the presentation and the book signing afterwards. You can find out when such programs will be available by going to the Creation Museum website. By the way, we are now over the 230,000 mark heading for 250,000 visitors to the museum by early November.

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Well as a Grandfather, I have to brag—our fourth grandchild Kylie had her first haircut on Tuesday. I have included a photograph of the special event which took place ... at AiG and the Creation Museum of course! We want to make sure our grandkids are connected to this ministry right from when they are born!


Today I travel to Florida to speak at a Christian Schools Conference—two days, with a total of seven keynotes and workshops. You can obtain further information from our website.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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