Pain in Obeying God’s Word

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Last week, I included some links in my blog to the three messages on marriage and divorce presented to the AiG staff by AiG–U.S. board chairman, Pastor Don Landis.

It is thrilling to receive positive feedback—but this particular email I thought should be read by all. This is from someone who decided to obey God’s Word, against advice from others, and against what seemed from a human perspective an unwise thing to do.

So many times we think we know best—and how often do Christians justify unbiblical actions on the basis of pragmatism etc. For instance, Christians who justify lawsuits against other Christians, when 1 Corinthians 6 is quite clear.

I trust this email will minister you—and challenge us all concerning taking God at His Word:

“Thank you for the recent ‘marriage and divorce’ clips! I would very much like to hear a more on the subjects Pastor Don "will try to get to" and never did! After the latest Christianity Today article on this subject, I was angered that CT readers would be misled about divorce; God’s way is clear though perhaps not easy. 4 years ago I experienced the initial pain in obeying God’s Word when my husband left and I had to decide whether to honor God, deny ‘self’ and humbly seek reconciliation, or cave into severe pressure (from Christians) and divorce. I read the Bible and saw no real choice—finally resulting in complete restoration of my marriage and, although my husband recently passed away, the happiest time of our lives prior to his eternal departure. What I would have missed, and what damage I would have caused to my young children, had the ‘justification’ won out! All glory to Him forever! No regrets! Thank you, Ken, Don, and AiG, for speaking the Truth! More, More!”

Following on from the email above, I have included below another email from someone who is enrolled in AiG’s online Creation Apologetics course. Here is another person challenged to take God at His Word, and as a result will be challenging her pastor—and giving him a nice surprise gift (pray he reads it).

“I am enjoying and learning so much in the class. This past Sunday, during the sermon, our late-70-something pastor made a remark in passing. His sermon was not related to Creation, but he quoted Genesis 1:1–2. Then remarked that there could be millions or billions of years to have passed in these verses. I was so surprised by the remark, the rest of the sermon was a fog. I researched the Gap Theory and I am still trying to decide how to approach him. I do know that for Pastor Appreciation Month he will be receiving a subscription to Answers magazine and maybe a copy of The Answers Book. I realize that this is not an area that would threaten the salvation of either one of us. Prior to taking this class, I would have thought we could agree to disagree on the time period of the Creation and let it go. As a result of taking this class I now realize how important Genesis 1 is to the church and to our culture. I've never approached a minister in disagreement about something he has said from the pulpit. I feel I should but am praying for wisdom in just how to do it.”
Yesterday was a busy day and today will be busier. Meetings, radio interviews, magazine interviews—there is not much time to rest in this ministry. We also met today for a planning meeting for the upcoming trip to Saipan and the videoing of my talks as they are translated into Chinese. This has phenomenal potential as an outreach to the Chinese speaking world—so please be in prayer.

By the way, some people asked me lately why they haven’t seen me write about mowing the lawn. As some my blog readers know, one of my favorite things to do is get on my lawn tractor and mow the lawn (it is also a time I use to pray and come up with ideas for the ministry). Well, this year we have been in a drought—our area is 13 inches behind normal rainfall—many trees are dying (we have lost over a dozen pine trees in our yard)—and the grass is not growing much!! We do need to pray for rain for Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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