A Parade of media coverage

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The long line of media outlets covering our new Creation Museum continues to get longer.

In addition to recent news reports that the museum has already broken the 100,000-attendance mark in only two months (and is now sitting at 120,000 visitors), overall reporting on the unique museum continues worldwide (as one example, four different Swiss reporters have been here over the past 10 weeks) and also across America.

The most recent example of prominent coverage would be yesterday’s Parade magazine, an insert found in hundreds of U.S. newspapers—here is a link to the (somewhat unflattering) piece:

http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2007/edition_07-29-2007/Intelligence _Report

Parade is a magazine supplement found every Sunday in 380 newspapers (many of them leading ones), with 32 million issues printed each week. Just a sampling of papers includes: Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Seattle Times.

If you would like to make a comment about the museum on Parade’s website, note that when you open the link above, go to the end of the second short article and you’ll see where you have the opportunity to make your own statement. (It takes just a few moments to register before writing your comment.) As we were posting this blog item, over 200 people had already made a museum comment. If you’ve already been to the museum, you are especially encouraged to participate.

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