Evolutionists blast Creation Museum

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Ardent evolutionists, who have for years been indoctrinating the public without that much opposition, are now obviously worried about the opening of ONE Creation Museum! Trying to intimidate by saying such ridiculous things as ‘“That’s the real danger of such a place – undermining the basic principles of science, eroding the public's confidence in science, and causing a general weakening of science education in the country,” a leading international evolutionist organization is “throwing a tantrum” about the Creation Musum.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology not only attacked the Museum, but the President Ken Ham as they stated: “Ken Ham is not recognized as a scientist or educator among experts in the fields of geology and paleontology, and his views on the interpretation of Biblical texts are extremist. Visitors to his ‘museum’ may arrive knowing little about these sciences, but they will leave misled and intellectually deceived,”.

At the same time they fail to mention the many PhD scientists who work at or with the Creation Museum, such as Dr. Kurt Wise who received his Ph.D. in Paleontology from Harvard University under the late Dr. Stephen J. Gould!

You can read the rest of the story about their news release against the Creation Museum at www.sciencedaily.com .

This story came on the same day where another 4000 visited the Creation Museum—that is 8000 in two days—120,000 in just over two months! Expect the evolutionists to increase their opposition as AiG makes such a bold statement concerning the truth of God’s Word and takes on the secular evolutionary establishment of the day. There is no doubt the ministry of AiG has impacted the world!

On Saturday night, I spoke to a group of AiG supporters in downtown Seattle. I speak twice Sunday morning and then we join a Cruise ship with 500 other AiG supporters for the Alaskan Cruise (I speak three times on the ship).

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