Liberty University scholarship awarded to AiG research paper winner

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The fastest growing Christian University in the world, Liberty University, provided a $50,000 scholarship for AiG to award to the winner of a research paper contest to challenge young people to study and write on the origins issues. Below are some of the photographs taken of the winner. You can read a detailed article about this event and also view a video with highlights from the presentation at:

Our son Jeremy graduated from Liberty University, and our daughter Kristel begins her sophomore year soon.


Karin Hutson accepts her $50,000 scholarship certificate, provided by Liberty University.


Karin Hutson and me “backstage” immediately after the presentation before about 700 adults and young people on the final evening of the AiG Family Camp.


The stage on the evening of the award presentation. Those five boxes with red bows are laptop computers. A computer plus Bible software and AiG audio books were awarded to each of the top 5 finalists (including Grand Prize winner Karin Hutson).

You can find out more about Liberty University at their website.

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