Placing jobs on the line for AiG resources

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You all need to read about the courageous act of one AiG supporter that has resulted in a great blessing:

“I want to thank you for your donation to our Public Library. I began working at our local library after much prayer, believing that God wanted to use me to help reach our community with the truth of creation. I quickly realized, after searching the shelves, that there were over 20 books promoting evolution in the children’s area and NOT ONE book promoting creation. It only took a phone call to AiG and donated books and DVD’s were on the way. However, the battle was just beginning. “Headquarters” did not like these books and DVD’s and refused to put them into circulation. Knowing that I may lose my job, I decided to pursue the issue because I believed that this was why God had called me back into the workforce (after 15 years) and that censorship was taking place. I called AiG’s attorney, John Pence, and he advised me as to how I should handle the situation. After much prayer, and following his suggestions, the hearts of the people standing in the way were changed. The week that the donated items were processed and delivered to my Branch, nearly all of the items from AiG were checked out by patrons. I knew then that a battle had been won. Satan did not want these items in the Branch.

“More than ever, I am convinced that we must all take a stand, EVEN IF our jobs are on the line. We have allowed those that would strip us of our rights and freedoms too much power by remaining silent!

“Thank you, AiG, for the donation. Thank you, Mr. Pence, for your interest and timely help in this matter. We are taking a trip to KY in September to visit the museum. I look forward to meeting some of you then! Our family is praying for AiG and the museum daily. We have enjoyed using your materials in our Homeschool over the years. Thank you for all that you do. It is making a difference, even in a rural area with a population of 500!”

Over 2,300 at the Creation Museum on Thursday (a record Thursday). Interest in the Museum continues to grow! The Christian and secular skeptics must be perplexed!!!

The Family Camp is going so well—people are thrilled with the wide range of speakers and appreciate so much that this ministry is not just about creation/evolution, but general and creation apologetics, so people are equipped to defend the Christian faith and stand on the authority of the Word of God. Many have given me feedback as to how thrilled they are with Answers magazine—and they love the change to a more broad magazine.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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