100,000 Visitors to Creation Museum!

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If the number of visitors on Saturday is similar to last week, by the time you read this blog, 100,000 visitors will already have come to the Creation Museum!! There were over 2,300 visitors on Friday!! The response has been outstanding!


I encourage you to read the new devotion from the armchair theologian:

It is often the case that people come to God in prayer with the mistaken notion that they are worthy of an audience with Him and that He exists to grant them all they desire. This is a view of God that delights in His love but excludes His holiness. I confess that for many years, before I gave my life to Christ, I approached God with this self-centered view. The truth is that the Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth owes sinful men nothing...

Read the entire devotion at: www.armchair-theology.blogspot.com/


I've included a number of photographs taken at the Family Camp this week.

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