Vacation and the 7 C’s

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I do praise the Lord for AiG’s dedicated staff. The following is just one example of what a staff member did on their vacation.

Last week (July 8-14) during a bit of vacation time, AiG cartoonist, Dan Lietha, had the opportunity to be the chapel speaker at Lake Ellen camp in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It’s the same Bible camp He attended as a youth, and he also counseled there in his early twenties.

The camp program director, Ralph Peterson, had been told about his testimony posted on my blog late last year (part 1 and part 2). He viewed the testimony and contacted Dan about the possibility of being the speaker for two groups attending the camp at the same time, the 2nd–6th graders and the junior-high students.

Dan chose the 7 C’s of history as the topic for the five main chapel talks each evening and both campers and staff expressed excitement about the AiG material. We are finding that a lot of Creation Museum visitors ask for 7 C’s materials when they visit the museum bookstore. The 7 C’s is the centerpiece of the Museum—the walk through biblical history.

Dan said it was fun for him to present the AiG illustrations and cartoons in his talks, after having produced most of them, instead of watching another speaker do it. Not only did he see lightbulbs going on in the heads of the campers during the talks, but the questions they asked afterwards showed they were really thinking through the material presented to them.

Dinosaurs of course were a favorite subject in these talks. Many campers were surprised to find out all dinosaurs were originally vegetarian, and were on Noah’s Ark—and some were glad to find out dinosaurs were real! It’s sad, but because dinosaurs are so equated with evolution and many Christians don’t know how to explain dinosaurs from a biblical perspective, some actually think they can’t be real!

The camp director sent me an email saying:

“[Dan’s] message was excellent and connected with our campers. I heard from many of the campers and parents regarding how much they appreciated Dan’s ministry that week. Dan communicated well with our different age groups and the kids not only enjoyed the truth but retained it as he reviewed the material with them the last day.”
I’ve included a photograph of Dan at one of the chapel services.


Family Camp begins today! Yesterday, nearly 1900 people visited the Creation Museum. Day after day they come from all over the USA and other parts of the world.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying—and please pray particularly for the Family Camp over the next few days.


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