Dinosaur exhibit opens at Creation Museum on Independence Day

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It is fitting that on independence day, the Dinosaur exhibit, where in the country of the USA we are able to tell people the truth about dinosaurs from a biblical perspective, opens with another expectedly large crowd. On Tuesday, 1700 people came to the Creation Museum. One family told me their 10-year-old boy was asked what he wanted for his birthday—and he told his parents he wanted to come to the Creation Museum. So there he was with a big smile so excited with his birthday-present visit.


Here is a just one of the many sorts of responses we receive from people who visited the Creation Museum:

I went to the Creation Museum today. I took my wife and children, and 4 1/2 hours later we exited the parking lot. It was a very enriching, refreshing and tearful experience for me. Answers In Genesis already held a special place in my heart because it was a video taught by Ken Ham that changed my life forever and started me on the path I now walk.

It all started a couple of years after I was married. My wife was leading our family to a small local, traditional church. I followed out of a sense of, "I have a family, and it is the right thing to do." The truth was that I really felt that, yes there could be a God, but science seems to explain everything. One day after months of attending church and really not paying that much attention, the pastor asked my wife where I stood with my salvation and Jesus. She responded by giving him my point of view and my "scientific explanations". He then gave her a video by [AiG] and told her to get me to watch it.

For the next 2 weeks, my wife kept asking me to watch this video and after that amount of time, I yelled "Uncle!" I sat down and watched the video. In the next 45 minutes, my life was changed forever. Every theory and supposed truth I had known was SCIENTIFICALLY disproven. I hung my head in disbelief and the Holy Spirit gave me a conviction in my spirit. 2 days later I gave my life to Jesus and got baptized.

Very shortly after walking into the museum today I felt very choked up. We walked by Ken Ham and I felt honored to be with a man who has put it all out on the line for Jesus and the truth. Each time we went into something new, tears were being wiped from my eyes. It felt like it was all new again.

The wonderful thing about the museum is that it is simple. How we have so complicated the message of the Gospel and the truth's of God. In our human tendencies, we muddy the waters with our deep theologies and twisted versions of scriptural truths to the point that we are all divided. My tears were for the simplicity of the message of the beginning of all Creation, and the simple message of the cross that the Creation Museum so brilliantly portrays.

Not only will unbelievers be moved to salvation from their visit, but those Christians who are against the museum will have their point of view altered. I was saddened to see the article in last week's paper on the museum. I saw comments by Christians speaking out against the museum. It is a simple issue of, if you believe the Word of God, you can not believe in millions and billions of years. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to believe in the Book of Genesis and follow modern "theorists" about unprovable time lines given by faulty dating techniques.

I encourage, endorse and blow the trumpet in approval and support for the Creation Museum. Do not wait to go and visit. Take your family, your children and your friends. Don't wait and put off this wonderful experience. I urge you to not only go, but to support this wonderful ministry through prayer, financial support, or whatever means you have to do so. A lot of lives will be changed and impacted, and we need to give our support locally to this powerful, truthful ministry.

Well---what a fitting testimony for my blog on Independence Day.

I am going to take some photos of the dinosaur exhibit and hopefully have those up tomorrow for you.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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