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I'm sure you've all noticed by now that AiG's website had a major overhaul. We do this from time to time to keep up with technology, and also maintain a fresh look. I've attached a photograph of the senior engineer from the web department as he goes through the 'evolution' of the website with AiG staff this week. Congratulations to the Web department for all the hard work they put into making this into the best creation/worldview website in the world.



Co-author of the famous Genesis Flood book (the book that really started the modern creationist movement), Dr. John Whitcomb had a birthday Friday. Happy birthday Dr. Whitcomb. I won't tell his age, but he is over 80 and still speaking as if he were 21!!


States a scientist who wrote to us recently:

As a forester for 15 years I worked closely with scientists in many disciplines. Evolution, while regularly mentioned, was completely irrelevant to the daily application of science and research in the field of forest management. It is a tack-on, a less-than-satisfactory way of attempting to explain some of the underlying processes operating in the natural world. Now as a seahorse breeder for the ornamental fish trade, I work with one of God's most amazing creatures. I see that domestic selection reduces genetic diversity and reflects that (contrary to Darwin's conclusion) natural selection can only specialize and reduce genetic diversity not lead to evolution.
Don't forget to pray for the church I am speaking at in Mexico this Sunday morning—Ebenezer Presbyterian in Cozumel. I will be translated for the Sunday morning service and then have a question and answer time.

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