Evolution—“Packaged Man-made Religion”

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The following email was written so well that I thought this would be great for all our blog readers to read:

As a businessman I have to come to understand a little about the power of corporate branding. Evolution has done an incredible job of branding itself as science. In reality, the theory of evolution is nothing more than packaged man-made religion, a bit like a poor product masked in savvy and interesting wrapping, yet highly disappointing when opened and discovered for what it really is. In contrast, the Creation Museum and the teachers and scientists who support it, are sharing timeless and unchangeable truths as revealed in God's Word. Evolution has a shelf-life and is in a state of decay. The Word of God is forever and pure. The 7C's of History theme at the Creation Museum takes the Holy Bible and faithfully proclaims that which is eternal and true, thus redeeming real science and jointly proclaiming the gospel of the risen Christ, the two being inseparable to the gracious Creator and His Creation. Creationists, many of whom are highly educated and experienced teachers and scientists with a reverence and saving knowledge of God, are those whom we can look to for answers because, by God's grace in their lives, they know where the answers originate. Such answers have never been found in the slick wrapping of man-induced theory, but always from the Creator of science and life itself.
This coming Sunday I will be preaching at a church in Mexico (at Cozumel).  Please pray for the teaching service and the question and answer time afterwards.  A translator will translate into Spanish.  I know the church is excited about this.  Such presentations are always hard to give going through a translator.  I have to summarize the points in fairly simple English and present just the basics.

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