A debate on creation?

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I was interviewed some time ago for an article—that has now appeared in Style Weekly. I didn’t know it was a “debate”—but that’s how it ended up! It’s interesting to read my “abridged” and “edited” comments! However, I thought it was interesting enough to put on my blog for you to read. The headline was “interesting” to say the least: “God vs. Jim Sparks.”

“A local biology professor takes on the director of Kentucky’s Creation Museum. by Sarah Mogin.

“With the Chesterfield County School Board’s recent decision to keep intelligent design out of science textbooks, Style decided to air out some issues. We caught up with Ken Ham, president of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and former VCU biology professor Jim Sparks, who got the boot last year for protesting a university-sanctioned text that referenced intelligent design.

Style: How old is the earth and where did it come from?

Ham: My answer would be you can’t prove absolutely how old the earth is because all dating methods are based on assumptions. But if you use the Bible’s history, then the Bible would suggest many thousand years old.”

You can read the entire “debate” at this link:


Our daughter Danielle sent me a photograph she took today, and I thought I would include that in my blog, as I wanted to explain that the parrot she looks after absolutely hates me! There is no doubt it has been affected by sin, even though it looks like a lovely bird! I have the scars to prove it!


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