Jurassic Park meets The Passion of the Christ

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This was the headline for a column in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the Creation Museum. It was a well-written column, so I thought for today’s blog I would paste in an excerpt from the column and suggest you go to the link to read the entire article.

There are no pearly gates at the entrance to the Creation Museum on Bullitsburg Church Road in Northern Kentucky. Just a couple of stegosaurs in black cutouts - like dinosaur versions of the silhouette man who leans against trees on country roads.

But the reaction could not be more tyrannosaurical if the museum had an 80-foot neon Moses hurling lightning bolts at science teachers.

"This is to science what Joe Camel was to health - a crass marketing ploy that cynically preys on the impressionable minds of children," sputtered a spokesman for DefCon, a group funded by the "progressive" Tides Foundation.

DefCon passed petitions, flew an airplane banner that said "Thou Shalt Not Lie" and organized protests and op-eds that exuded a gassy odor of religious intolerance like a leaky Bunsen burner.

Inside the museum, the contrast is like fresh air.

Answers in Genesis did not spend $27 million of private donations to send visitors back to the parking lot undecided. Their motto is "Prepare to believe," not "We feel strongly both ways."

To read the entire article: The Enquirer—'Jurassic Park' meets 'The Passion of the Christ'

This week is a busy week! All sorts of guests, meetings—and then another Home Educators Conference and church I’m speaking at in Denver.

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