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I could not begin to write down all the feedback I had from the Richmond Home Educators conference. People telling me how the whole direction of their lives was changed by the AiG ministry: a woman in tears so happy she could now give up the bigotry/racism of her upbringing; so many youngsters (a lot of 10-year-olds) thanking me; parents telling me their children “dragged” them to Ken Ham’s lectures; old-earthers admitting they were challenged; gapists saying they will give up the gap theory; and much, much more.

I was also shown a note from Anne (9 years old) handed to her Mum after sitting through one of my talks:

Mom, this is really good stuff. I don’t want to forget it:
Josh, 14, wrote this to his Dad after one of my talks: “If people don’t believe in the creation story in the Bible, why would they believe anything else in the bible? Why would they believe in Jesus?”

By the time you read this on the blog, I should be home—we leave very early (get up at 4 am) Sunday morning for an early flight.

There was not that much to pack up after the conference—the majority of the books, DVD’s, etc. were purchased by enthusiastic people who were so excited to train their children and share the information with friends and family.


After the opening day of the Museum (4000 were present on first opening day), people continue to pour into the Creation Museum each day. Saturday there were 1700. On Friday there were 1400. Group bookings are coming in so fast, we had to increase the number staff working at the group reservation desk—and they are still not coping with the volume. It is going to be a busy summer—praise the Lord.

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