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43 media interviews so far this week! I have included below just a few of the numerous media reports on the Creation Museum this past week.

Today, Saturday, the Creation Museum will be officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony involving 1000 invited guests. Also, as of last night, 130 media groups had requested to be credentialed for this special event. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, there will be a special press conference. Guests will then take their time as they go through the Museum. Over the next few days, there are many other media interviews I will inform you about.

Saturday May 26th is a very special event in the history of AiG.

Here are just some of the recent media reports:

Associated Press (Akron Beacon Journal)

(This article is appearing in many other news sources)

And what museum would be complete without fossils? Those dusty artifacts are also found here—hung in large glass cases in a room visitors spill into after taking a tour of Old Testament history. Ham says most fossils, like the ones stored in natural history museums around the world, were created by the massive flood detailed in the book of Genesis.

"The Bible doesn't talk about fossils, but it gives you a basis for understanding why there are fossils around the world," he said.

Ham says the stories of the Bible are supported by science—a notion that has drawn the ire of science educators around the country.

"They make such a point of trying to make it appear scientific," said Lawrence Krauss, a physics professor, author and outspoken critic of the museum. "Instead of shying away from those things that clearly disprove what they're trying to say, they use those things for deception."

Krauss, a professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said the exhibits rival that of a "very fancy natural history museum," making them enticing to young visitors.

Fancy might best describe the facility's multimedia rooms, where no expense is spared. After a stop at its digital planetarium, museum guides with olive-green vests steer visitors into a 200-seat special-effects theater with seats that quiver as the sound system rumbles. Up on the screen, two angelic characters proclaim to the audience that "God loves science"!

But the creation story found in Genesis is the centerpiece of the museum. Patrons walk through a lush recreation of the Garden of Eden, see life-sized models of Adam and Eve frolic and then get banished. Then it's on to the era of the Great Flood, where animatronic workers are busy building Noah's giant wooden ark, which rises two or three stories inside the museum.

Education Week

Creation Museum Draws Scientific Community’s Wrath

The museum has drawn objections from a coalition of scientists and organizations, including the Campaign to Defend the Constitution (, or DEFCON, a Washington-based group that says it seeks to combat the political influence of religious conservatives. In a May 24 conference call with reporters, those opponents said the museum is presenting a distorted view of evolution and the earth’s history.

Eugenie C. Scott, the executive director of the National Center for Science Education (, an Oakland, Calif.-based organization that supports the teaching of evolution, called the museum a “creationist’s Disneyland.”

“I have trouble referring to this place as a 'museum,'” Ms. Scott told reporters. She worries that science teachers who try to explain evolution to their students would soon be hearing from students, “I went to this fancy museum this summer, and you’re teaching us a lie.”

Ms. Scott estimated that there are a “couple dozen” privately run museums around the country that present creationist views of human development in one way or another. She said the Petersburg museum, as a privately run facility, has a right to present exhibits from a religious point of view. But Ms. Scott and others said they have an obligation to explain why the museum’s displays are inaccurate from a scientific standpoint. DEFCON officials said they were arranging a protest at the museum on its opening day.

But Mr. Ham dismissed the critics’ complaints. He said the museum presents a view of evolution that the public has a right to hear. He also said the primary audience for the museum is the public at large, and not school-age children, specifically.

“What they’re really saying is that they don’t want to see Christianity legitimately defending itself, and using science to do it,” Mr. Ham said of the museum’s critics. “The museum’s opponents are 'dogmatically asserting' their beliefs about evolution without respect for opposing views,” he argued.

“The critics are the same people who say [society] should have tolerance for everything, but not when it comes to us,” the museum’s founder added.

One News Now

The Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is set to open this holiday weekend. Final preparations are under way for Saturday's ribbon-cutting ceremony and media preview day at the 65,000-square-foot facility in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Baptist Bulletin

Answers in Genesis will celebrate the grand opening of its Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky on May 28. The Answers in Genesis Creation Museum designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director “is a one-of-a-kind, high-tech museum”

ABC News Report

According to an ABC News poll, 60 percent of Americans believe God created the world in six days. In Petersburg, Ky., this weekend, a creation museum is opening that depicts a story far from what you may have learned in science class.

Exhibits at almost every natural history museum teach that dinosaurs are millions of years old, and that they died out long before human beings existed. But at the Creation Museum, they say God created dinosaurs and humans at the same time.

Perth (Australia) News Report

A US museum where Adam and Eve share exhibit space with dinosaurs is drawing criticism from groups of science educators as it nears completion.

The $US27 million ($A33 million) Creation Museum being developed by an Australian Christian tells a Biblical version of the Earth's history, asserting that the planet is just a few thousand years old and man and the giant lizards once co-existed.

CBN News

Creation Museum Opens with Big Bang

By Paul Strand
CBN News
May 22, 2007

PETERSBURG, Ky.–A brand-new museum plans to take old-time religion to new scientific heights. The Creation Museum's goal is nothing less than proving that everything the Bible says about creation, the flood and the universe is literally true.


I would hate to have been the guy whose job it was to round up and herd a couple of T. rexes onto the ark. This Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of the new Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., which purports to tell the history of the world based on creationism instead of evolution.


This is one of the worst, over the top, unreasonable articles written.

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