Another historic event for the Creation Museum

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On Thursday, the brown signs for the Creation Museum went up on Interstate 275. This is another historic event for AiG. The three “founding fathers” of AiG went out to the freeway to have our photographs taken with the sign. I've included a copy of this historic photo. freewayken-mike-mark-5-24.jpg 38 MEDIA INTERVIEWS SINCE MONDAY

Today was another busy media day. On Thursday evening, after doing a radio interview for CBS, I calculated I had done 37 media interviews since Monday! Good Morning America (ABC) spent the day Thursday at the Museum, and conducted an extensive interview with me. On Friday morning, they broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

This week we have allowed the Creation Museum charter members to come in for a sneak preview of the Museum—as of Thursday evening, 6000 have visited the Museum this week!

So far around 90 media groups have booked in for the opening. It is going to be a very busy time.

Various articles on the Creation Museum appeared around the country on Thursday. I’ll share more about those later (particularly the over-the-top editorial in the LA Times).

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