Creation Science Training Center in Philippines

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A new Creation Science Training Center was dedicated in the Philippines on May 8, 2007. Missionary Jerry Layton and his wife Donna are creation speakers throughout Asia. This facility “will become our Asia base for taking Creation Science into Asia and the world.” Dr. David R. Crandall, director of AiG WorldWide is a good friend of the Layton’s and his global department has worked with these folks for a long time. AiG does provide thousands of pieces of literature and DVD’s for the Layton speaking and training ministry. The new offices are located in the famous Doane Baptist Church in Illoilo, Philippines. Dr. Crandall stated that, “this ministry partner will greatly advance the cause of Creation all over Asia and will give AiG valuable contacts for translation and distribution in the region.”


A number of months ago, a good friend of the Ham family in Australia gave a Lord’s Prayer crochet for display in the Creation Museum. On Monday, the couple who framed this beautiful hand-done crochet for display in the Museum delivered it to us. I have included a photograph to show you this beautiful one-of-a-kind piece.

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