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An Answers magazine subscriber sent a rather unique response after she received her magazine:

I have a problem. The "baby" issue arrived yesterday and I snuggled down with it soooo much that ummm... I read it in one sitting. The problem? Now I have to muster a wee bit more patience and wait for the Noah issue to come ;). Then when I read that one, I'll have to muster a whole lot more patience for the next issue, and the next, and the next, and the next... And here I thought I subscribed to learn more about God and His wonderful Creation... I never guessed it would also be an exercise in patience :) !!

All that to say...what a wonderful magazine! The Placenta article was absolutely fascinating - I learned so much! A big thank you and many blessing to you and all those at AIG. Keep up the great work for our Lord!

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I chuckled when I read this response about Answers magazine from a missionary in Mozambique:

I enjoy the magazine because I am very interested in Geology and was interested to read that the present structure of the earth can be explained by the Flood. So far I received the edition about Noah's ark the other day. It must have travelled to Cuamba in the company of a box of frozen mackerel as it is got wet and smells VERY fishy—perhaps appropriate since, to many, the story of Noah's Ark sounds highly fishy. However I am managing to prize the pages apart and am enjoying reading it. Would it be possible to put the next one you send me into a sturdy plastic bag?
On Tuesday we had four media interviews (including the Los Angeles Times/USA radio network news). On Tuesday night, I was on a one-hour secular radio talk show—a reminder of what a messed up world it is out there!!! A number of media interviews have also been scheduled for Wednesday (we are still averaging around 3 media interviews per day right now).

I have included photographs of the steel dinosaurs Buddy delivered to the Creation Museum last week—they will be used as a monument sign for the Creation Museum.

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