Homeless shelter, AiG, and salvation

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It was so thrilling last week to hear the testimony of a man who said he “was on a path to destruction,” and he ended up in a homeless shelter. At that shelter, he was shown one of my videos. As a result of this, he said the message so revolutionized his life, he became a Christian. Now this man is working in a Christian ministry not that far from AiG headquarters.

Keep in mind that we've heard numerous times over the years from people who compromise evolution and millions of years with the Bible claim that the position AiG takes on a literal Genesis is a stumbling block to people and will drive them away from Christianity. I've never heard anyone give me such a testimony--but we've heard so many testimonies from people who say that the message on the authority and trustworthiness of the Bible brought by AiG was used by the Lord to bring them to salvation. And that's what this ministry is all about.


The Baptist Press had a news item about the Creation Museum:

While many Americans are skeptical about evolution, conservative Christians are even more doubtful. The Christian ministry Answers in Genesis is scheduled to open a $27 million Creation Museum this June in Petersburg, Ky., just south of Cincinnati. Its goal is to support the biblical creation account and refute evolution. (From BPnews.net: http://www.bpnews.net/BPnews.asp?ID=25626 )


One of AiG’s outreach department reports on a phone call he received this week:

I just got a call from a pastor from Georgia. He had attended the Georgia Home Educators conference that you (Ken) were at recently. He pastors a church of 500. He said that your presentation absolutely “stunned him.” He had to go back home and reassess the way he does ministry. He called yesterday to ask me to set up an AiG event in his church.


I’ve included three photographs of the Garden of Eden taking shape at the Creation Museum.

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