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Article from the front page of the Kentucky Enquirer newspaper on Thursday

The article states:
Local tourism officials are confident the Creation Museum will attract hundreds of thousands visitors annually. But they are hesitant to quantify the economic benefits that the Petersburg attraction could bring to Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Museum officials project their site can draw at least 250,000 visitors in its first year. They also estimate the site will pump more than $16 million into the local economy as visitors stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and take in other attractions…Sean Rugless, president of Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network, said the museum "offers a unique experience consistent with a demographic of families living in the Midwest." "Our region enjoys a strong level of visitation from religious organizations at our convention centers," he said.

Rugless said the network, a partnership between convention and visitors bureaus in downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, would work to promote the museum along with other area attractions. Tom Caradonio, president of the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau, said he's encouraged by the enthusiastic response to seeing the museum from a recent familiarization tour of 24 trip planners from different religious groups. "I think they're going to hit their (visitor) projection because the interest is so great," he said.

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Creation Museum featured in Christian newspaper.

Metrovoice, a Christian newspaper in St. Louis, dedicated almost the entire issue of the newspaper to the Creation Museum. I’ve included two scans from this newspaper.

mv-05-07-pages-1-12-v1001.jpg   scan12.jpg

AiG New York Conference for the GARB featured on front page of Baptist Voice.

I’ve included a scan from the front page of the Baptist Voice newspaper reporting on the recent AiG conference.


Cincinnati Post presents “another viewpoint” concerning the Creation Museum

The Cincinnati Post newspaper had an article Thursday entitled “Creation From Another Viewpoint.” The article was based on an interview with an Old Earth creationist in regard to the Creation Museum. The article stated:
Greg Neyman runs his old-Earth creationist organization […]. He formed the organization in January 2003 as a response to Answers in Genesis, the Boone County-based proponent of young-Earth creationism.

"They look for answers in Genesis," he said. "I prefer to get the answers from the creation itself. […] How unfortunate it is that many non-Christian people will view this museum, and be driven even further away from salvation," Neyman writes. He says that even someone with only a bachelor's degree in science, like he has, can see the errors in their work.

By the way Greg, 10 Contractors have been saved as a result of just working on the Creation Museum. Over the years, AiG has received large numbers of testimonies from people saved as a result of understanding they could really believe God’s Word as truth.

You can read the rest of this Post article at:

The above are just a sampling from newspaper articles this week!

I have also included a photograph of the Bedouin tent being constructed for the animatronic Methusela as part of the Creation Walk.


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