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Poodle apology

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I have to admit, I have to apologize to a poodle. I received the following email:

Watched your show today [DVD shown on TV]... Excellent with one exception: The comments about POODLES, which happen to be one of the smartest of all dogs. I think they rank second. My Poodle, Beau, was watching you on Television and he looked at me and my wife like what is this guy saying, I'm not at the bottom but in the top one percent of all dogs. Beau would appreciate an apology for your remarks.
Ok, Beau, I apologize that I used poodles (and still continue to use them) as examples of degenerate mutants in my talk when I discuss the effects of sin and the curse on dog genes. Poodles are such great examples to use in a fallen world!


AiG is thrilled that our new full-time HR Director started today. Welcome to Peggy (see photograph). Up until this week, our HR department worked closely with an outside consultant—but we now have the need to develop a full HR department.

I have also enclosed a photograph of the Creation Museum’s TREE OF LIFE as the leaves, fruit and flowers are now being placed in position.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


Peggy-Miller-2-26-07-006.jpg Tree-of-life-lj-2-26-07-0261.jpg

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