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I really appreciate your web site & ministry. I was a very luke-warm Christian and my wife talked me in to attending a home school conference in Columbus last year. Thanks to Mr. Ham and Mr. Riddle, I was encouraged for once in my life regarding my faith. I wish others cared about Genesis and creation like you do, but I must say, "Most people sure don't, including most of my friends in the church." So really, there is hardly anyone to share with the exciting things I learn from your articles and books. I'm surrounded by non-believers, Catholics that believe Adam was a "metaphor", and "Born-Again Christians" that appear no different on this issue than anyone else. This is discouraging indeed but I pray the AIG ministry can make a difference. At least, I have satisfaction in teaching our two girls (2 and 4) correctly as we have begun our home school adventure now. They love A is for Adam. Thanks so much and thanks to God for allowing me to find you.

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