Opposition to AiG message getting more vicious

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AiG speaker/researcher Dr. Terry Mortenson sent me this disturbing information:

The evolutionists are getting more vicious. See this 9-min video (it starts loading as you click on the link). It has clips of Ken Ham and Buddy Davis (taken out of context---where Ken shows the scientific problems with evolution).
The clip presents absolutely no evidence of evolution (though dogmatically claiming it is a proven fact). And it rips many OT and NT verses out of context, including Luke 19:27, which Dawkins states is a statement of Jesus, when in fact it is the statement of a fictitious man in a parable (19:11) told by Jesus. This is blatantly anti-Christ and anti-Bible. I expect the hatred and intolerance of Biblical Christianity to intensify, as the evolutionists (who control our culture, indeed the world, in a very real sense) struggle for survival in the face of truth.
I have attached two photographs to keep you updated on the Creation Museum construction: the picnic pavilions in the landscaping exhibit; the Biblical Authority Room taking shape. At lunch time today, Mally and I visited the Creation Museum to encourage the many staff who are now working six days a week (and often evenings) to get everything finished. What a blessing to see staff so excited, despite the enormous amount of work yet to do.

Tonight Mally and I went to see the new Wilberforce movie (called Amazing Grace). Our publisher (Master Books/New Leaf Press) has published the book that really goes with this movie. What a great reminder of how important it is to stand up for what is right and do one’s best to challenge that which is wrong. See AiG's movie review, posted earlier this week.

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