Creation Museum to cause a quake?

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A South Dakota writer responds to the USA Today commentary (see yesterday's blog)

…Having said that, I want to point out a USA Today op/ed by Tom Krattenmaker which takes a frightened shot at the Answers In Genesis creation museum set to open soon in Kentucky. The piece repeats the flawed supposition that science and the Bible are at odds (they aren't, but naturalism and the Bible are), and the writer claims creationists are starting an "unnecessary" fight that could end up undermining their faith. Excuse me, but has this guy had his head buried in the sand for decades? That fight was started a long time ago, even before Darwin, and until a few decades ago, creationists ran from it like a bunch of scared puppies because they didn't understand that evolution and "old earth" are a paper tiger.

No, the building of the AIG creation museum may just be akin to the Normandy Invasion. This multi-million dollar, top-notch facility threatens to drive a stake in the heart of evolution, and that's what has Krattenmaker and others like him quaking in their theoretical boots.

You can read the entire commentary at:


It is interesting to read some of the mocking ways secular sources report on the Creation Museum, such as this commentary from

Forget Disney World and Epcot Center. You haven't seen anything until you've seen the Creation Museum set to open in Petersburg, Kentucky, this year. It has a theater with seats that shake and machines that spray mist as God's six-day creation marathon is re-enacted. Museum scientists weave a yarn that has humans and dinosaurs popping up on the very same day -- the sixth, to be exact, which is when the Bible says God made all the land animals. If you're studying up after your visit, creationists have answers to all your questions. Wondering how God managed to say ``Let there be light'' on Day One without making the sun until Day Four? Hey, no problem -- he's God, after all, so he made a temporary light to cover things until the official Day Four unveiling.

You can read the entire commentary at:


We were thrilled today to receive a $10,000 donation for the Museum from a church in Japan! This gives you a little inkling of the international impact of this ministry.


Feedback from the Texas AiG conference:

I want to say THANK YOU for coming to Beaumont (Feb. 07). You blessed us beyond words and we have learned so much from your message. I believe AIG is one of the most important ministries of today and we will be cheerfully supporting you in all you do. Thank you for speaking the truth about public schools without hesitation. My prayer is that God will give strength to Christians who have submitted to the world in this way and that HE will start a mass exodus from that pagan institution.

030.jpg 029.jpg I attached a couple of photographs taken in our area Tuesday afternoon. A snow storm swept into Northern Kentucky—many of the AiG staff left early to get home as the roads/Interstates soon became a terrible mess! The southbound lanes of the major Interstate 75 was totally shutdown.

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