Creation Museum is among the 12 most intriguing things in 2007

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A travel web site has listed the 12 most intriguing things opening in 2007—and the Creation Museum made the list. A press release states from the PRWeb site states:

The editors of the travel web site have selected their "12 Most Intriguing New Things for 2007". each month identifies six intriguing new things in 70 different locations across North America and the Caribbean. Among those making the 2007 list of the dozen best are an architecturally avant-garde museum in New York, a cutting-edge restaurant set to debut in Toronto and a new Rosewood resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya... Other things opening in 2007 that made the editors’ "most intriguing" list are: The Creation Museum, a new complex soon to open near Cincinnati that is committed to countering evolutionary natural-history museums with dioramas and kiosks promoting the literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

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The Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitor’s Bureau site released a Press Release that also mentioned the Creation Museum: Covington, KY, January 29, 2007—The largest gathering of religious meeting planners to inspect Northern Kentucky as a possible convention site took place January 27-29th. Twenty-nine planners representing 20 organizations were in Northern Kentucky just prior to the National Religious Conference Managers Association (RCMA) Annual Convention in nearby Louisville, January 30-February 2. Tom Caradonio, President & CEO of the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau says it was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up… The planners came from as far away as Montana, Florida and Nashville. While here, they visited the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, an array of full-service hotels along the riverfront and near the Airport as well as attractions such as Newport Aquarium, the soon-to-be opened Creation Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center


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Today the staff were given a ‘tour’ of the LOGOS Bible Software by Scott Lindsay from LOGOS (See attached photos). Scott and his wife are home schoolers and love AiG materials. The LOGOS Bible software will be available through the AiG bookstore—work is underway for a special Logos AiG package. AiG now recommends what we consider to be the two most powerful Bible software programs available: The Online Bible (an extremely powerful but extremely inexpensive program) and Logos (a more expensive program but with many more ‘bells and whistles’.)

On Thursday I will be on my way to Texas with Buddy and Kay Davis, and Dr. Terry Mortenson for an AiG conference (see details.) As well as speaking at the conference and at the host church on Sunday morning, I will also be doing two live TV interviews with the local CBS affiliate, and two radio interviews with a local secular radio station. Please pray for this time.

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