Urgent: Free Speech Rights of Churches and Non-Profits Targeted

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The American Center for Law and Justice released a very important new item for Christians to not only be aware of, but to respond to urgently:

The news item begins:

ACLJ Launches Campaign Challenging Congressional Legislation Targeting Free Speech Rights of Churches & Non-Profit Organizations.
(Washington, DC)

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which specializes in constitutional law, said today it is launching a nationwide campaign to oppose legislation on Capitol Hill that would drastically affect the operation of churches and non-profit organizations by restricting free speech by classifying them as “grassroots lobbying firms” subject to governmental regulation. “This is a very troubling development that could drastically affect the mission and operation of churches and non-profit organizations,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, which is opposing legislation in the House and Senate. This legislation, being pushed by House and Senate leadership, would place severe restrictions on the free speech of pastors and others who communicate about the moral and political issues of the day.

By classifying these organizations as “grassroots lobbying firms,” the churches and non-profit organizations would be under a tremendous burden by being forced to register and report to the federal government. This legislation violates the First Amendment protections afforded to these organizations. This is bad legislation that could become bad law. We are mobilizing on several fronts to challenge this dangerous legislation.

The ACLJ is launching a nationwide petition campaign via email, radio, television, and through its website to urge House and Senate leadership to reject this legislation. At the same time, Sekulow says the ACLJ supports a newly introduced amendment in the Senate bill (Amendment 20 to S.1) that would eliminate provisions of the Senate bill dealing with grassroots lobbying firms and ensure that churches and many other public interest organizations and individuals would not be subject to lobbying regulations.

Noah’s Furniture

Creation Museum update:

Table Ark

I’ve enclosed a photograph of Noah’s work table being constructed for the Ark exhibit. This work bench is being built so that all the “gadgets” on it actually work—I’m AMAZED at the talent and dedication of the craftsman. The person building this furniture (and he has built many other items) is a master craftsman who volunteers his time! What a praise point!

I have also enclosed a photograph showing the wooden scaffolding going up on the Ark itself—there will be animatronic figures on this scaffolding as they build the Ark.

Museum in Local Paper Thursday

Boone County’s Community Recorder published a short article on the Creation Museum Thursday. The article begins:

The Creation Museum, an educational center focusing on the biblical version of how the Earth and mankind began, is expected to open on May 28.

Officials have $1 million left to raise for the $27 million project that should open debt free. The museum is part of Answers in Genesis, a Petersburg-based Christian ministry. The museum is located at Answers in Genesis, 2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, in northwestern Boone County near Interstate 275.

There have been a number of news reports about the Creation Museum lately, including this one from World Leisure News and Jobs:

A US$27m (£13.8m, 20.9m euro) Creation Museum is set to open near Cincinnati in Ohio, US. The 50,000sq ft (4,650sq m) museum will proclaim the Bible as supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice.

The facility will include a planetarium, a special-effects theatre, nature trails and a small lake.

Read the article at: worldleisurejobs.com

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