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A familiar face (at least for those of us who live in the Cincinnati/N. Kentucky area) dropped by today. Courtis Fuller, a TV anchor and reporter in Cincinnati for 20 years (and who has been described by the Broadcast Hall of Fame as "Cincinnati's favorite TV personality") dropped by with his cameraman, Mark, on Friday morning. They were clearly impressed with the artistic ability of our staff as they toured the museum to view the displays. His report should be archived soon at the Channel 5 (WLWT) website: . The report appeared on the 6:00 pm news Friday evening and was very well done indeed—great coverage and quite a significant piece for the prime time Cincinnati news.

Courtis has a fascinating background. In 2001 he left his anchor desk to run for mayor of Cincinnati. Although a political newcomer, he received a very respectable 45% of the vote in the general election (he ran neither as a Democrat or Republican but as an independent "Charterite".) He would have joined the (in)famous Jerry Springer as a Channel 5 news anchor in Cincinnati who went on to become mayor (and then a national “talk-show” host).

We are so thankful to God for all the media attention the museum is getting even a few months from the opening. We talk to at least one media rep. somewhere in the world every day (sometimes more than one). On Tuesday, it was be a reporter with a national TV network in Spain who will visit us in March with a TV crew. I can’t wait to see the media coverage here in late May when the museum, Lord willing, opens its doors.


As a result of an update sent out last week, over 300 people have signed up on the website to pray for Answers in Genesis---and particularly to pray regarding any opposition that may occur as the Creation Museum opening date gets closer. Please consider signing up to pray—we so appreciate and need this.

Also on Friday, we put up a special 2006 PRAISE VIDEO on the prayer website that I urge you to click over to and view. You will see various of the staff give testimony as to how thankful they are for your prayers and how important it is for people to pray for this ministry and the staff.


The recent Reuters article on the Creation Museum appeared in a news source for the United Arab Emirates. They included photographs of the Museum with the news piece. You can view it at:


As of today, 324 have now signed up for the Alaskan Cruise. There is still room if you can come on this cruise to be led by Mally and I and Dr. Crandall and his wife Diane. Go to the Alaskan Cruise event page for further information.


SFX-tile-painting-1-19-07-0.jpg Stonework-for-pavillions-1-.jpg

I’ve included a photographs of the outside of the Special Effects Theater being painted and the paving being laid down outside for Picnic sheds being built near the waterfalls.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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