304 on AiG Alaskan Cruise!

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As of Wednesday afternoon, 304 had booked a spot on the AiG Alaskan Cruise. There are going to be a lot of Christians/creationists on this cruise! There are still cabins available, so don’t miss out—find out more about this cruise and how to reserve your place go to our cruise page.

Wrecking Ball Gets Modified

Wrecking Ball

The attached photograph is of the millions of years wrecking ball in the Culture in Crisis room of the Museum. Sculptors recently modified the exhibit to make it look like it was really breaking up the concrete as it hit the church foundation. Every day things are changing all of the Creation Museum as staff work feverishly to ensure everything will be finished by opening date (May 28th will be the first day open to the public).

Armchair Theologian

My armchair theologian friend posted a new devotional at: www.armchair-theology.blogspot.com. You will enjoy a challenging devotional based on a section from the Sermon on the Mount.

Today I had a number of meetings and also spent 30 minutes with Janet Parshall on Janet Parshall's America live radio program.

As you know, Mally and I were away over Christmas. So instead of having an end of year Christmas party, we're having a special party for the staff tonight (Thursday). It should be a fun evening for all.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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