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(If you don’t know what a ‘Luau’ is then you can read the history of it at: http://www.hawaii-luaus.com/history.htm)Thursday night was a great night at AiG. Instead of an end of year Christmas party (Mally and I were in Australia in December), AiG had a New Years party for the staff! And what a night it was—an Hawaiian Luau!!. Good food, great fun and tremendous fellowship. The attached photos tell the story. Carl Kerby won the best dressed Hawaiian! And the Sumo wrestlers—well they were something else! See the attached photographs:

New-Yea-Rebel-1-11-07-3.jpg New-Year-Rebel-1-11-07-1.jpg New-YearsRebel-1-11-07-2.jpg New-Years-Rebel-1-11-07-1.jpg New-Y-Rebel-1-11-07-2.jpg


Talking about Hawaii—in 1935 Australia imported 101 Cane Toads to try to kill the Cane beetle that was destroying cane crops. This ended up being one of the most disastrous attempts at biological control ever carried out! One of the main problems was that the Cane beetle lived in the top of the cane plant and the Cane toad lived on the ground!!

A recent news article details all the problems with the Cane Toads that have become a terrible menace in Australia. In this article, we also read this statement:

Since their introduction cane toads have evolved bigger legs to help them move faster, expanding their territory westward by around 40 km (25 miles) a year.
Well the toads are still toads and they still have legs—but this is an example of natural selection! The cane toads with the bigger legs obviously survive very well, and are taking over Australia and destroying native animals. The Australian military are even being asked to help eradicate them! You will find this interesting article at Yahoo News.

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