My favorite Christmas "After Eden" message

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A picture is worth a thousand words! I’m sure you’ve heard that many times. One of my favorite artists is AiG cartoonist Dan Lietha. He understands the AiG message so well and is able to put into a cartoon with very few words, difficult concepts, biblical truths etc., so they can be communicated to people of all ages.

My favorite Dan Lietha Christmas cartoon is this one:



IMG_4512_1.jpg At Christmas time, families usually get together to exchange gifts and have a special Christmas Dinner. Because our family moved to the USA 20 years ago, our children and grandchildren have missed these special family times with their numerous close family members who reside in Australia. Our many friends in the USA have become our American family. Mally and I had the opportunity to go to Australia this past month, and we were able to have some special family times with our close relatives (our children in the USA had to miss out). I’ve enclosed a photograph of one of these times, when we had a special Ham Family Christmas Dinner before we left to come back to the USA.


After reading my Blog item about Vegemite today, a supporter sent this in:

I hope you get your vegemite for Christmas. I have a good Aussie friend in my law school class, so had the opportunity to try vegemite for the first time a few months ago. And, despite the fact that I have lived my whole life in the Chicago area, I thought it was pretty good! I have long been blessed by the ministry of AiG, and I thought of your many jokes about vegemite at the time. So since you brought it up on the blog, I thought I might as well let you know that there is an American somewhere who likes vegemite.

Well—that’s one out of 300 million! That’s a start!

Have a blessed Christmas y’all (can you tell we live in Kentucky)—and don’t forget the reason for the babe in a manger—so that a free gift of salvation could be offered to save us from eternal separation from our Creator because of our sin in Adam.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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