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AiG has one of its BRANDING advertisements in the January 2007 edition of Christianity Today. One wonders whether it’s just coincidence or not, but on the same page as the Answers in Genesis advertisement, there is an interesting cartoon about Noah’s Ark and Global Warming. A scan of the page is attached.

Three major BRANDING advertisements have now been placed in a number of different newspapers and magazines across the USA. We have had all sorts of responses—and we ask you to continue to pray for this BRANDING campaign as it helps to let more and more people know about the ministry of AiG.


Almost 250 people have now registered for AiG’s Alaskan Cruise! There is still room for you to register and not miss out on this fantastic opportunity. For more information go to: The Alaskan Cruise page.


On Tuesday, the AiG offices are closed to give staff a good break over Christmas—but not for the same reason offices are closed in Australia. I grew up in a country (Australia) where the day after Christmas is a public holiday referred to as ‘Boxing Day.’ If you’ve never heard of ‘Boxing Day’ or don’t know why this name is given to this day, then go to: or see Rod's blog entry from December 19.

I trust you had a great Christmas and you also have a great ‘Boxing Day.’

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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