Creation Museum announcement turned into Bible debate

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It was not what Mark Looy expected Saturday morning as he spoke to members of a downtown Cincinnati Bible study group---it actually turned into a debate over the historicity of Genesis! It was plainly obvious at the very outset that the majority of people in the group held compromise views of Genesis (especially an old earth).

Mark, our CCO and not one of our usual speakers, was asked by a friend to share something about the Creation Museum (about 20 minutes away in N. Kentucky) to his group, and to explain what AiG believed. No sooner had Mark started to let the group know what kinds of outreaches AiG has, one of the group members, a relatively well-known attorney in the city, interrupted Mark -- perhaps just two minutes into his presentation (and well before Mark explained AiG's beliefs). The man was, as some might say in Kentucky, "loaded for bear" (Mark found out that this man knew ahead of time that AiG speaker was coming).

One of the lawyer's objections to the AiG ministry was that we were "cramming" our message down the throats of people that Genesis is straightforward history. Well, Mark observed that people voluntarily attend our seminars, listen to our radio program, and go to our website. In addition Mark noted that no-one is going to coerce people to visit our museum next year and furthermore, that Mark didn't invite himself to this Bible study. On the contrary, if anyone is forcing anything on people, Mark noted, it is those who are in the public schools, working at textbook publishers, and reporting for secular media outlets who are forcing an evolutionary/old ages worldview on young people and adults.

This attorney then claimed that creationists are trying to get evolution tossed out of schools. Mark asked if he could name any, but that he probably couldn't because AiG does not know of any creationist in the mainstream creation movement who advocate this. After all, evolution is such a dominant worldview in society that it should be studied in schools, said Mark...but that teachers should have the academic freedom to point out the problems with evolution and millions of years.

There were others in attendance who did not accept AiG's views, but their observations were generally offered in a polite manner (while the attorney often shook his head while Mark was speaking). One man commented as he left that he now has things to think about (e.g., was there cancer, suffering, and death occurring millions of years before the Fall? -- which you must accept if you believe in an old age for the earth).

AiG staff have to be ready for anything--even when just sharing about the Creation Museum at a Bible study!!!


This was the headline from a UK newspaper report. The article stated:

Church of England leaders want doctors to be given the right to withhold treatment from seriously disabled newborn babies in exceptional circumstances. The move is expected to spark massive controversy. The church leaders' call for some children to be allowed to die - overriding the presumption that life should be preserved at any cost - comes in response to an independent inquiry, which is to be published this week, into the ethics of resuscitating and treating extremely premature babies.

You can read the entire article at:


191 are now going on the Alaskan Cruise—we expect to go over the 200 mark early this week!!


Mike Riddle will be the first of a number of staff to share guest blogs over the next few weeks or so—Mike is one of the most energetic, motivational creation speakers you could ever experience! He is going to share lots of exciting things with you that I thought he should do personally. So enjoy the guest blogs as they are posted.

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