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A Christian College student testifies how he strayed from the faith—but the Lord used AiG greatly helped him:

I wanted to tell you how much of an encouragement to me AIG has been during my time here at Wheaton College. As you know, Wheaton has comprimised on the position of Genesis, even having Hugh Ross speak in the last couple of years. This site []… been enourmously helpful, and given me the tools needed to talk to classmates about this subject. I for one (and I know others) would love to see you speak here, and address this issue straight up. I have been interested in Creation Science since my formative years, but strayed from my faith after being dissillusioned at Wheaton. Exploring your site convicted me, and helped me end some self-destruction behavior, of which I am still working on. Please continue to do what you do, and I hope to somehow make it to the muesem when it opens!

Tonight I spoke at the Worldview weekend held at Cedarville University. I heard SO MANY testimonies tonight—I couldn’t begin to relate them all to you. One young man came and told me he remembers very clearly seeing the Understanding Genesis video series (filmed in Australia 21 years ago with Dr. Gary Parker and me) when he was around six years old! He said, even at that age, this series had a profound effect on him. Now, at 21 years of age, he wants to go to graduate school to be a professor so he can influence other students concerning the truth of God’s Word. He said he wanted me to know that the influence 15 years ago resulted in him now wanting to be in a teaching position so he can influence others.

Four young people as they walked in, came up to me and said, "we just want to meet you—you’re our hero!” I found out they came from a Christian college where the professor uses AiG material to teach students a Christian worldview. They just love AiG material.

I had many, many students tonight (many from Cedarville University) tell me their parents/church used AiG materials, and they had a great influence on their lives. It is so exciting to hear feedback like this.

Well, it’s midnight! I had to travel from Cedarville tonight to a hotel near Dayton airport—I have to get up EARLY for a flight to Chicago, and then travel to Rockford to give two talks at the other Worldview Weekend! As soon as I finish speaking, I travel back to Chicago to get a flight home Saturday night!! I’m looking forward to sleeping in Sunday morning!!

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