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My wife Mally and I spent an evening with Buddy and Kay Davis (see photograph of their cabin). Buddy showed us the saltosaurus he is sculpting (see photograph) that will be displayed somewhere on the Creation Museum grounds—this sculpture is being prepared so it can be outside in the weather. How we praise the Lord for the talented people like Buddy that are a part of the Creation Museum vision.

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Dan Lietha (AiG cartoonist) was thrilled to receive this email feedback from Greece this past week:

"Greece says Hallo Dan Lietha you are too good to be true . Fight the good fight , we love you"

If you don't check out Dan Lietha's weekly After Eden cartoon, I suggest you start now—you will enjoy his humor and the serious points he makes. Take a look here!

Tonight, Mally and I attended the surprise 75th birthday party for AiG's longest-serving volunteer (over 12 years)—Marlene Sauer. I will include some photos of this event in tomorrow's blog. Happy 75th Marlene. Mally and I were concerned we were not going to get home in time for the party—we were traveling from east of Columbus where Buddy and Kay live, and got trapped in a massive Interstate traffic jam that took ages to get through. We don't know what was going on, but the SWAT team, a number of fire trucks, paramedics, police--all sorts of things going on—closed down a big section of the freeway. Anyway, we arrived home just in time!!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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