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On Thursday, two executives from Coral Ridge Ministries (headed up by Dr. D. James Kennedy from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) visited AiG. Dr. Kennedy is perhaps most known for his “Evangelism Explosion” evangelistic program that is on every continent. Brian Fisher (Executive VP) spoke to the staff at devotion time, and then he and David Russ (VP, Ministry Operations) toured the facility with me. I’ve included some photographs of their visit. We praise the Lord for the wonderful relationships we have with so many well-known Christian ministries, like Coral Ridge Ministries. We look forward to even closer working relationships. You can listen to Brian Fisher’s talk to the staff here.

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Another special guest who visited AiG on Thursday was the son of the famous Dr. Duane Gish. Daryl Gish spent a few hours with us while he had a layover at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport. Daryl told us that Duane and his wife Lolly can’t wait for the museum to open.

This afternoon Mally and I and a few other friends traveled to a town near Columbus, OH where we attended a bluegrass concert. The band was a homeschooling family who have become one of the best bluegrass bands in the world—it was the best such concert I have ever attended. This group has won many awards. I could not believe the talent. It was a great relaxing evening for Mally and me. We are staying with Buddy and Kay Davis for the evening—I wanted to see how Buddy is coming along with a large dinosaur he is sculpting for use in the OUTSIDE area of the Creation Museum. Buddy and I will discuss other projects as well. I am typing this blog at 11:00 pm sitting in the cold on the porch of Buddy and Kay’s log cabin—this is the only place I can get a signal for my Verizon wireless card!

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