Creation Museum is advertised in Japan!

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Today (Tuesday) we received a newsletter from a creation group in Japan that has begun advertising the Creation Museum (see pages from the newsletter) and offering tours to the USA to visit the museum as soon as it opens. They also advertise Answers magazine. They are even advertising Creation Museum lifetime memberships, and apparently expect to get quite a few! It looks like we’ll have a stream of visitors from Japan. Praise the Lord!

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From an Answers magazine subscriber:

I have a complaint about the new Answers Magazine … No matter how slow I read them I always reach the last page too soon.


An employee with our publisher sent me this today:

I just got finished being interviewed by a freelance writer [with a Christian Magazine]. He specifically asked me about Master Books, and young-earth creationism. I quoted you once and talked about the museum, etc. Toward the end, he said, "I personally don't believe Adam and Eve were real." Now, I know you deal with this all the time, but I almost fell out of my chair. He didn't repeat the classic theistic evolution, but rather said he didn't think they were real at all. And he's […] evangelical [from a conservative evangelical church]!

As I write this blog, I am in Arkansas (Little Rock) for a series of radio interviews with Family Life Today (a ministry of Campus Crusade). I will also be speaking to a number of their staff and guests on Wednesday morning. One of the radio programs will be based on our new book, Genesis of a Legacy, which deals with raising godly children in an ungodly world.

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