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Over the past few days we have had several requests for large quantities of the AiG booklet entitled Why Is There Death and Suffering? Two of the individuals asking for these booklets live near the site of the tragic schoolhouse shootings west of Philadelphia. They both stated that they wanted to help equip people with biblical answers to questions surrounding this terrible incident by making this booklet available free of charge to anyone who would like one. We hope that God will use this and other AiG resources to help people make sense of the world in which we live. More importantly, we pray that non-believers who view this issue as a stumbling block to accepting the real and loving God will have their eyes and hearts opened to the truth of God’s Word and the message of salvation. Please pray for those who will be distributing these items and for those who will be receiving them.


Around 1,000 people are attending the Winnipeg (Canada) conference at which I am one of the keynote speakers. On Wednesday morning, I gave a one and a half hour presentation (I don’t often get that long to speak—but I loved it!!) on Genesis and the authority of Scripture. I helped people understand as an organization, AiG is not just focused on creation/evolution, the age of the earth, fossils, etc.—but also on upholding the authority of the Word of God and proclaiming the gospel. Sadly, many in the church think that creation-related matters are only side issues. I took time to help the people at the conference understand how in this era of history, evolution, "millions of years," etc., has been accepted by much of the church and thus has undermined biblical authority and thus the Christian worldview. In a sense, we built a Christian worldview as I spoke. I received many great comments afterwards. There were those who told of how AiG materials had so helped them and their church. Individuals gave me testimonies of how they came to the Lord as a result of the creation ministry.

Because I so emphasized the importance of teaching apologetics in Sunday Schools, many purchased Sunday School curricula for adults and children. This just thrills my heart as so many young people these days are leaving the church—if we can get to the coming generations early with the right sort of teaching, this will make a tremendous difference in the choices they make for the future. AiG’s creation resources were very popular indeed. Praise the Lord. Canada is a socialist country where very few people (relatively speaking) go to church, and they are in such need of this material. I am so thankful for every opportunity the Lord gives us to disseminate information and teach God’s Word. It is exciting as one sees people so enthused for God’s Word.

I’ve enclose a couple of photographs taken of the audience I spoke to. I speak again Thursday and Friday.

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