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One of the ways I teach children to understand the philosophy of science is to teach them, based on Job 38:4 (when God asks Job, "where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth") to ask "Were you there?’" when someone talks about millions of years, etc. Of course, I tell them to ask this in a very polite way. I’ve found children love this and remember it. I’ll never forget landing in San Diego a few years ago, and as I was collecting my luggage a young boy called out, "Mom—there’s the 'were you there' man!" I’ve had teens and adults tell me they remember me teaching them "were you there" when they were children.

Well now a sitcom is attacking creationists—and they're using my own popular question! We have a video clip to show you how it has been used.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a new sitcom from NBC. Created by Aaron Sorkin (from The West Wing fame), this show is designed to give us a look at the backstage "goings on" of a comedy show like Saturday Night Live. Apparently, critics love it, but audiences may not—the show saw an 18% drop after the first episode.

A number of shows like this have taken "shots" at Christians and specifically creationists. The premier episode of the now cancelled Commander in Chief ridiculed the Speaker of the House saying that if he was in power it would be "... the return of book-burning, creationism in the classroom, invading of every third world country." The show The West Wing, in its final season, also took a mocking stance towards creationism and intelligent design as Josh (played by Bradley Whitford—also in the cast of Studio 60) characterizes a statement by his candidate as a "God-gaff." And so it continues.

What is interesting to note is that as these shows hurl insults at the majority of people in this country, many are responding ... by turning off their televisions or changing the channel (more than half of the viewers stopped watching before the episode was over, as reported on TIME’s website.) Both The West Wing and Commander in Chief have been cancelled (though The West Wing was on for nine seasons, the above took place in its last season). It looks like Studio 60 may end up in the "cancellation heap" long before its first season is over.

Here is the clip ... and by the way, sitcoms come and go, but God’s Word—including Job 38:4—stands forever.


As part of AiG’s branding campaign, we had already organized for this month’s theme to deal with the violence issue. Look at the picture at the top of our website and then click on it to see all the wording and the articles that go with it.

This picture and the associated wording will appear as double-page spreads this month in World Magazine and Christianity Today. This had all been organized before the current round of school violence. There have been three very sad instances of this recently, with one in the news today—the tragic shootings in an Amish School. Pray that AiG’s ads will enable many to find hope in the answers from God’s Word.


Well, it took most of the day, but I arrived in Winnepeg. As I was flying in, one could see the beautiful fall colors on the trees—being further north than Cincinnati, the leaves are well advanced for the fall changes.

I speak at 10 am (11 am EST) Wednesday for my first keynote address and, of course, I will be talking about "the fall"—the one that happened six thousand years ago in the Garden! Please pray for my talks each day (see schedule).

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