Anglican priest fights creationists in UK

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Recently, a group of UK creationists (including well-qualified scientists) sent an information packet to schools in the UK in regard to the creation/evolution issue. They have their own website to along with this information ( Sadly, but not surprisingly, a church leader is publicly opposing this group. A report from Ekklesia in the UK states:

It is not possible to predict the outcome of this exercise. Some teachers may have already used the DVDs to scare birds from their vegetable patch. However it will give a way for the increasing number of YEC science teachers to introduce creationism into the classroom, despite the fact that it is scientific nonsense and dependent on the gross misrepresentations of standard science.

It is a concern that the authors are sure that OFSTED will not object to their ideas. The result will be to confuse students, to increase the antagonism of non-believers, and to raise opposition to faith schools of any kind.

Sadly the church, and especially the Church of England, has avoided taking a stand on these issues, possibly to avoid confrontation with more conservative members. Far too often the opponents of this pseudo-scientific nonsense are atheists, who then use this to ridicule faith. Will the church now wake up?

You can read the rest of the report at: Ekklesia—Creationism distorts truth in science, says vicar


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